Sant’Anna, School of Advanced Studies


It is a public university holding a unique position within the Italian higher education system. It carries out research and education in applied sciences. It is ranked in the top ten of the Times Higher Education’s 150 Under 50. The Management and Healthcare Laboratory (MeSLab), founded in 2004, is part of the Institute of Management of SSSA. The MeSLab has developed a multi-dimensional performance evaluation system (PES) to monitor the performance of the health organizations and support actors in managing and innovating social and healthcare delivery. The PES has been firstly used by the Tuscany Region, then adopted by other 12 Italian Regions and internationally. In 2009, MeSLab was appointed by the Ministry of Health to build a set of indicators for a cross-region performance comparison. In 2017, the MeSLab introduced the first examples of systematic PROMs and PREMs in Italy, based on digital technologies and aimed at continuously collecting patient feedback, and real-time reporting data to healthcare organizations in order to drive quality improvements.


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