The organizational structure of the Consortium include the following Consortium Bodies:

  • Steering Committee (StC) is the ultimate decision-making body of the consortium and is the supervisory body for the execution of the Project.
  • Scientific Committee (ScC) ensures the scientific supervision of the activities.
  • Technical Board (TB) facilitates decision-making on the technical issues, and monitor and support related activities.
  • Data Protection Board aims at ensuring homogenous data collection and treatment, preserving data confidentiality and proposing contingency plans to possible data protection issues.
  • Multi-Stakeholders Advisory Board (MSAB) support implementation of the project activities, by representing the various stakeholders.

Steering Committee Members

  • SSSA / Milena Vainieri (chair)
  • Meyer / Francesca Menegazzo
  • CUH / Vita Šteina
  • HUS / Katariina Gehrmann
  • EMC / Barbara Sibbles
  • UNICEF / Elise Chapin

Scientific Committee Members

  • Meyer / Francesca Menegazzo (chair)
  • SSSA / Sabina Nuti
  • CUH / Elina Dimina
  • HUS / Pekka Lahdenne
  • EMC / Marjon Cnosser
  • UNICEF / Elise Chapin
  • ECHO / Ruben Diaz
  • AOPI / Mauro Ricca
  • PICKER / Phillip Stylianides
  • Independent / Jan Hazelzet

Technical Board Members

  • CUH / Guna Esenberga (chair)
  • SSSA / Domenico Cerasuolo
  • Meyer / Simone Aveotti
  • HUS / Katriina Mikkonen
  • EMC / Jan Willem Schoemaker
  • UNICEF / Elise Chapin (observer)

Data Protection Board Members

  • SSSA / Rosa Medaglia, Arianna Baglini
  • Meyer / Luigi Rufo
  • CUH / Liga Zvedre
  • HUS / Katariina Gehrmann
  • EMC / Jan Hazelzet
  • UNICEF / Elise Chapin

Multi-stakeholder Advisory Board Members

Organisation Component Country
SSSA Manila Bonciani/Sabina De Rosis Italy
Meyer Daniela Papini Italy
CUH Vita Šteina Latvia
HUS Katariina Silander Finland
UNICEF Elise Chapin Italy
ECHO Ruben Diaz EU
AOPI Mauro Ricca Italy
BKUS, Council of Parent’s Board Landa Jaunzema Latvia
HUS, Kummit Rapeli Anu Finland
Children’s Health Ireland Rosemarie Sheehan Ireland
Children’s Hospital Copenhagen Line Klingen Gjærde Denmark
Tuscany Pediatric Network Rino Agostiniani Italy
Associazione NatiInsieme Gherardo Rapisardi Italy

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The VoiCEs Project is co-funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020) (REC-RCHI-PROF-AG-2020

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