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The New Children’s Hospital is Finland’s largest hospital focused on demanding specialist pediatric medical care. We treat patients from all around Finland, from newborns to 15-year-olds. We treat 60, 000 patients annually.

We treat all diseases requiring specialist pediatric medical care in the Helsinki metropolitan area. In Finland, the treatment of many demanding pediatric illnesses, such as cardiac surgery, organ transplantation, and treatment of severe cases of cancer, has been concentrated in the New Children’s Hospital.

The well-being and equality of patients and families are the starting point for our activities. Excellent treatment results, skilled personnel, versatile research work, and new first-class facilities make the New Children’s Hospital a top-notch hospital.

The family advisory council consisting of parents of our patients parents will allow us to see things from the family’s point of view when developing the hospital and our practices. In addition, HUS has cared and studied user-friendly and digital methods to collect the children and family voice.


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