“L’ascolto dei pazienti: l’esperienza dell’ospedale pediatrico Meyer IRCCS” (Listening to Patients: The Experience of the Meyer Children’s Hospital IRCCS) on pp. 263-265 f Quaderni ACP 2023 vol. 30/6.

A patient’s right to be heard represents a fundamental principle in the field of medical care, particularly in the case of hospitalized minors, as described in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In 2018, the Meyer Children’s Hospital introduced a pediatric version of a PREMs survey, however the involvement of young patients was limited. The VoiCEs project, started in 2021, has implemented a new system for collecting opinions on the hospitalization experience which has significantly increased the direct participation of pediatric patients. As it is now set up, the survey gives real meaning to the right to be heard and its results constitute a precious source of information for shaping a hospital that is more welcoming to girls, boys and adolescents.


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