The VoiCEs project has been presented during the 25th Excellence in Services International Conference, at University of Uppsala, Gotland Campus, in Visby (Sweden), on 25 and 26 August 2022.

The Conference aims at collecting theoretical contributions, empirical analyses, experiences, case studies or reflections about quality and excellence in services, with healthcare as one of the focused areas. All submitted papers are published with an ISBN number in the Conference Proceedings Book, freely available on the Conference website. To find out more information about the Conference, please refers to the Conference website:

In particular, the PhD candidate Veronica Spataro, from Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (Italy), part of the VoiCEs Team, presented the preliminary results of a systematic scoping review about strategies and tools to directly involve children and adolescents in evaluating their experience of hospitalization services.



Authors: Corazza, I., Spataro, V.†*, Hazelzet, J., Bonciani, M., De Rosis, S.

†First authors

*Corresponding author and conference presenter


There is an intrinsic complexity in meeting the needs of users in healthcare services, therefore it is fundamental that they can contribute to processes of value co-creation through the lens of co-assessment and co-innovation. Nevertheless, most of the research on user experience does not focus on some specific users’ groups, which may find it hard to provide their perspective.

This systematic scoping review aims at investigating the diversity of strategies and tools to directly involve children and adolescents in evaluating their experience of hospitalization services.

The authors used PRISMA methodology. The search algorithm included three components, respectively: patient experience as the object of research, paediatric patients as the target group of the study and hospitalization as the reference setting. The results were analysed and summarized qualitatively. Starting from 261 articles, throughout the removal of duplicates and three screening phases, 19 studies were included in the final review.

Nine out of nineteen of the studies included in the final review were performed using a quantitative methodology and traditional methods. Our findings provide insights for future research aimed at defining innovative methods to collect paediatric patients’ voices continuously and systematically for the sake of inpatient services quality improvement.

The paper is available at the following website, together with the others proceedings of the Conference:

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