Erasmus MC – Sophia Children’s Hospital


It is committed to a healthy population and excellence in healthcare through research and education. The center has broad expertise in various research fields, ranging from fundamental and clinical domains to public health and prevention, with an annual research budget of around €140 million. Erasmus MC holds over 200 projects funded by the European Commission, of which 107 Horizon 2020 projects including collaborations with partners from 56 countries worldwide. Bibliometric indicators place Erasmus MC in the top 20 of clinical medicine worldwide; its publications are cited 1.88 times the world average. In addition to scientific research, patient care and education are core tasks of Erasmus MC. It is the top referral centre for a region of about five million inhabitants. Erasmus MC is also the largest medical school in the Netherlands, with around 3,700 students and 220 PhD graduates in 2018, and offers BSc, MSc and PhD programs. Together, the students and around 15,000 employees at Erasmus MC improve the individual patient care and public health of tomorrow. Sophia Children’s Hospital, integral part of EMC, is the oldest (founded in 1867) and largest pediatric hospital of The Netherlands and member of ECHO. Sophia is active in Family and Patient Centered care since more than 5 years now and Erasmus is an international front runner in value based health care.


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